Thank you to Project Homeless Connect Volunteers

Thank you to Project Homeless Connect Volunteers

On Friday May 17th Project Homeless Connect held its first event in Sumner at the Calvary Community Church. We would like to thank all of the volunteers, partnering organizations and everyone at Calvary Community Church for donating your time and effort to this event. Your commitment and dedication to Project Homeless Connect is valued and we couldn’t do it without you.


Project Homeless Connect

Project Homeless Connect

Project Homeless Connect is an annual event traditionally held at the Tacoma Dome where individuals experiencing or near homelessness can receive free services such as medical exams, dental exams and other valuable services and resources at one location. This year there are four smaller events spread throughout the Pierce County region to make services more accessible and accommodating for those in need.
Tomorrow, May 17th 2013, Project Homeless Connect will be held at the Calvary Community Church in Sumner. Doors open at 9: 00 AM and close at 3:00 PM. For more information visit

South Sound Outreach keeps growing!!

2013 has proven to be a very busy year for South Sound Outreach. As our programs, clients, and need for services continues to grow so does our staff. This year the South Sound Outreach family welcomed three new faces and we are extremely excited to have them.

Alanna Rodgers has been brought on board as the new Project Homeless Connect and Special Events Coordinator. Alanna has been working diligently on the upcoming Project Homeless Connect which will be held in Sumner, WA at the Calvary Community Church on Friday May 17th. For more info on the event please visit the website at or call 253.593.2111.

Cristan Sutton and Ida Reyes have joined our busy housing team. They are currently completing their certification to become HUD certified housing counselors and have already started assisting Pierce County residents avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes. 

South Sound Outreach is more than excited to be expanding our availability of services by adding more dedicated staff. 

For more information on South Sound Outreach’s services please visit our website at or call 253.593.2111.

Project Homeless Connect {South Sound Outreach}

Let us introduce you to Project Homeless Connect!

On any given night in Pierce County 2000 people experience homelessness. This number includes babies, children, teens, and adults. They are victims of domestic violence, people with disabilities, veterans, and senior citizens.

Project Homeless Connect provides a starting place on the journey back to safety, stability, health, and hope. Onsite services address the needs that contribute to homelessness by providing basic medical and dental care, access to education, employment and benefits systems, mental health and chemical dependency assessments, flu shots, haircuts, and much more – all under one roof!

How it works:  Project Homeless Connect is a wonderful opportunity for community members to contribute their time, talents, and energy to making our county a better place to live. On October 14th, we hope to serve 750 people experiencing homelessness with the services they need to begin the journey back to safety, stability and hope.


Utilizing a huge cadre of volunteers, Project Homeless Connect offers access to:

§         Veterans services

§         Family support services

§         Basic medical and dental care

§         Domestic violence assistance

§         Mental health & chemical dependency assessments

§         Child care services

§         Benefits systems

§         Identification replacement

§         Flu shots

§         HIV testing

§         Education and employment services

§         Veterinary care

§         Podiatry

§         Haircuts

§         Food

§         Wound care

§         And more….

When people enter the front doors, they are greeted by friendly volunteers and offered the opportunity to enjoy a hot meal. Hand-washing stations are available for cleanup and volunteers are on hand to explain how the event works and what services are available.

Guests are asked to identify their top three needs and volunteer guides provide individual assistance to help ensure that those needs are met. This is particularly valuable in such a large and open venue, where simple navigation can be confusing!

Each ‘team’  coordinates appointments and tracks the number and type of services provided and the number of clients seen. In some heavily utilized team areas, appointments are essential both for manageable flow and to allow guests to visit more than one service component during the limited hours of operation. Medical and dental services are triaged so that individual issues are addressed appropriately.

“Why end homelessness? Because we can…”

Why Participate?

Project Homeless Connect is far more than a resource fair – the event provides direct access to goods and services that people experiencing homelessness may need. This is possible because people in our community are willing to volunteer their time and expertise to help their unhoused neighbors.

Volunteers bring a variety of skills and abilities to share, from medical training to a talent for listening. Part of the beauty of this event is the opportunity it provides for more meaningful interaction with all kinds of people we may not meet every day. Come share a meal, give a haircut, provide an eye exam, be a guide. They need you!

Project Homeless Connect’s  goal is to end homelessness in Pierce County. That requires a community committed to finding – and implementing – solutions to its causes. Project Homeless Connect offers access to the things people need to start the journey back to health, stability, and housing.

Volunteers are the heart of Project Homeless Connect and there are many ways to be involved. They provide training prior to the event that includes a walk through of the venue, a description of every service offered onsite, and clear assignment of duties.

Please contact them at the email address listed below with questions, for ways you or your group can be involved, or to volunteer for a specific area.  See you in October!

Area specific volunteer opportunities:


Phone: (253) 593-2111

Ready to volunteer? Fill out the form below to sign up.

Volunteer Information:
PC Homeless Connect Volunteer Form


747 Market St

Room 836

Tacoma, WA 98402




You can help the homeless! {South Sound Outreach}

Project Homeless Connect Fundraiser at Joeseppi’s

You are invited to help us “take over” Joeseppi’s Italian Ristorante.  Joeseppi’s will generously donate up to 20%of the food sales for the evening to Project Homeless Connect.  Reservations are strongly recommended, and be sure to say you are with Project Homelss Connect!  Call 253-761-5555.

Date:  September 19, 2011
Time:  4:00-8:00 p.m.

Joeseppi’s Italian Ristorante
2207 North Pearl Street
Tacoma, WA  98407
253-761-5555Joeseppi’s is located near the corner of Pearl and N 21st.  Nearby businesses include Columbia Bank, Bank of America, McDonalds, Forza and Windermere Real Estate.
  The evening will feature a silent auction and raffle!!!
 Donate an Auction Item!  Contact Mia wells at 253-798-4361 or